Spooky Snowdonia: Ten of Snowdonia’s Many Haunted Websites

Spooky Snowdonia: Ten of Snowdonia’s Many Haunted Websites

The presence of ghosts, spirits as well as other supernatural phenomena is a much-debated subject; no place way more than in Snowdonia, where many hundreds of years’ well worth of fables, legends and spooky tales tend to be a fundamental piece of our wealthy storytelling history.

Listed here are ten of Snowdonia’s many haunted websites, if tales can be thought…

1. Maes-y-Neuadd

Maes-y-Neuadd at Talsarnau, near Harlech, is a 14th century building, extended within the hundreds of years to be a manor-house, that is today run as a hotel. The hotel has actually a resident ghost, reputedly the character of a children’s nursemaid from hundreds of years ago. She’s a friendly ghost, though; friends report experiencing comforted by the woman presence, and drifting pleasantly to rest when she seems.

2. Castell y Bere

With its heyday Castell y Bere, a 13th century castle near Tywyn, had been a stronghold of princes of Gwynedd. Little continues to be for the building today, but the outline of towers and wall space are nevertheless demonstrably visible. It really is stated that a solitary, shadowy figure can be seen standing during the damages at sunset. As sunshine slips away from picture throughout the surrounding hills, the figure slowly burns up.

3. The Faenol Home

The Faenol Estate, Bangor, dates back to Tudor times and it is said to have a very spooky chapel. Apparently, there was an unusual bird-like ghost – apparently the ghost of a man performed for illegally cutting down woods from the Estate – that perches in a tree, screeching at passers-by: “Woe! Woe’s me that I ever before place a handle to my axe to fell the trees of Faenol!”

4. Aberconwy House

Aberconwy home in Conwy is a beautifully-preserved medieval merchant’s home which now has actually a store regarding lower floor and a museum upstairs. There have been a number of spooky goings-on reported at Aberconwy household, like the original mistress of your home seen sitting by the hearth. Various other reports consist of volunteers becoming prodded, creaking floorboards, rattling doorways and even a door slammed in somebody’s face.

5. The Ebony Boy Inn

The 16th century Ebony Boy Inn, in heart of Caernarfon, is amongst the earliest inns to endure in Wales. Centuries ago the inn backed onto a nunnery, and one of the very most oft-reported spooky sightings on Black Boy Inn is that for the ghost of a nun driving through walls. There have also been reports of people feeling as if they may be becoming strangled when walking up the stairs.

6. Gwydir Castle

Areas of Gwydir Castle, inside Conwy Valley, date back once again to the 14th century. The palace happens to be run as a country residence resort. Numerous supernatural experiences being reported on palace on the centuries, including sightings of this ghost of a new girl, the smell of a rotting corpse, unexplained falls in temperature, the sound of young ones crying, the ghost of your pet dog as well as a ghostly procession regarding the Great Terrace.

7. The Anglesey Arms

Another old Caernarfon club, the Anglesey Arms was once the city’s customs-house and sits next to the old hanging tower, in the past the place of execution of criminals. You will find tales of eyeglasses on large shelves going of their own accord and even dangling in the air; darts often jump out of the dart board; and there were reports of hidden beings sitting at the conclusion of guests’ bedrooms.

8. Bardsey

Bardsey, off the Llyn Peninsula, has actually a very lengthy history and there are lots of urban myths and legends attached to the area. A lot of these concern King Arthur and Merlin, but you can find ghost tales attached to Bardsey too. St Cafan built St Mary’s monastery on the area when you look at the 6th century, which ended up being destroyed during Henry VIII’s dissolution associated with the monasteries. There has been reported sightings of shadowy, cowled monks appearing along the shoreline; their appearance is said to be an omen of tragedy visiting the area.

9. The Rhinogydd

The Rhinogydd hill range has been described as Wales’ last real wilderness. One of the more well-known hiking routes around Rhinog Fawr starts at a medieval packhorse path known as the Roman measures. Regardless of the actions not actually becoming Roman, there was plenty taking place in Snowdonia in Roman times, and perhaps this is the back ground into the legend which says that a ghostly troupe of Roman soldiers with mules can be seen trudging within the steps; in accordance with legend, anyone after the soldiers is likely to be resulted in a secret stash of silver.

10. Plas yn Rhiw

Plas yn Rhiw, overlooking Hell’s lips on the Llyn Peninsula, features apparently existed as a dwelling for over 1000 years. Supernatural phenomena reported at Plas yn Rhiw include the ghostly footsteps and coughing of a vintage man, as well as the weeping spectral figure of a Victorian maiden.

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