Surf Where it All Began

Surf Where it All Began

You may not be aware of it, but surfing is a Polynesian innovation that dates back several hundred years; Europeans originally saw it after they visited Tahiti in 1767. Hawaii of course was settled by Polynesian immigrants from Tahiti approximately one thousand years ago, and brought the sport along with them. It was in Hawaii that surfing first caught on with Euro-Americans back in 1907.

Where better to master the art of he’enalu than amid the people who invented surfing? Bring along several friends and book your beachfront vacation rental through Hawaii Surf N’ Sand Vacations ( or find condo rentals directly from the owners at Vacation Rentals By Owner ( At the time when planning your Hawaii surfing vacation, take into account that the islands have two main seasons for this activity; it is best to choose the time of year if possible based on your surfing skill and aptitude.

The months of winter, November through March, are best suited for skilled surfers, since the waves tower twenty-five feet or more as they plunge toward the beach. Novices should plan their surfing journey for the summer and fall months between the start of June and mid-October, at the time when the waters are calmer. Difficulty levels may also vary from one region of Hawaii to another. Needless to say, Oahu is where most of the celebrated surfing beaches are located, and Waiamea Bay is perhaps one of the most well-known of them all.

Waiamea Bay and other surfing locations like Sunset Beach and Banzai Pipeline are a talented surfer’s paradise when waves produced by winter storms in the Aleutians come rushing south. In the summertime, beginner surfers should go to Waikiki on the south side; these waves are the results of the austral winter storms off Antarctica and have much further to travel, Consequently, they are far smoother waves and better for beginners.

Because Oahu’s surfing areas are so well-known and well-liked, you will be competing with a lot of others for space. A less-crowded alternative is Kauai. Hanalei Bay on the north side offers challenging waves for knowledgeable surfers, while Poipu and Kalapi towards the south are better for beginners. Tourists to Hawaii may pick Kauai as their destination for reasons other than surfing by the way. Simply because the majority of tourists head for Oahu doesn’t mean that Kauai doesn’t have more than its share of enjoyable activities.

Kauai, that was the final island to come beneath Kamehameha’s rule back in 1810 (only at the time when the island’s last ruler passed away with no successor), isn’t named the Garden Island for no reason.

This flourishing paradise offers mountain inner tubing and kayaking along jungle rivers in addition to hiking and romantic getaways, several of which can only be reached by helicopter. The truth is, the Kauai helicopter tour is a well-liked preference of tourists. Take a look at Hawaiian beach rental accommodations and also cabin rentals ( for further information on Hawaii vacation homes for rent on what many deem as the crown jewel of the Aloha State.

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