Lights Will Greatly Increase Your Baby To Sleep Too Myopic Probability

Lights Will Greatly Increase Your Baby To Sleep Too Myopic Probability

Authoritative journal “Nature,” research report, to children aged under lights in the room to sleep in, will greatly increase the chances of future myopia. And let the baby sleep in a dark room will help the development of visual acuity.

 Prevention of myopia in addition to watching television less and less to play computer, eat food outside the eye, are there any good method? If you care about the child’s eyes, the best sleep in children bedroom light source close yo!

 Why let the kids sleep in the dark room, then? Because the authority of the journal “Nature” The latest research report, so that these children sleep in the old lights in the room, will greatly increase the chances of future myopia.

 University of Pennsylvania Medical School and Children Hospital, researchers for the 479 216-year-old children and young people to study, to parents asking their children’s living habits, including their location and school lighting, outdoor light intensity, the children used sunglasses and secondary source reading habits. As the old eye before and after the development is an important relationship, the researchers will address this critical time for sleep, light and vision related research.

 Data, vision and old go to bed before the light brightness quite closely correlated. Objects, before year-old to sleep in a dark room, if, myopia was 10%; year-old former, if sleeping in night light in the room, myopia was 34%; year-old sleeping in the open before the headlight, if the room , myopia is 55%.

 Myopia can not be completely radical, only by glasses, contact lenses, surgical approach to vision correction surgery. But the hidden potential myopia risk of blindness, if not properly pay attention, there will be retinal detachment, glaucoma, the risk of blindness.

 Previous studies have generally attributed the causes of myopia in reading too close to the extensive use of computers and television. But the researchers pointed out that if the brightness can be considered light sleep, you know, the higher the degree of civilization, the more light indoor and outdoor lighting, so there is a certain increase in the proportion of myopia reason to follow.

This research is funded by the National Institutes of Health sponsored Medical Center Ophthalmology. The study was one of a series of myopia research, the results of animal experiments and the survey data in good agreement. Chick embryos according to the research, 24-hour lit light source, will make the chicken visual impairment, focal length fuzzy.

 Bedroom light levels will really affect the child’s vision? Researchers believe that light on the vision of the need for more research, but if the parents can accompany their children to sleep, to wait until kids are in bed before the lights turn off lights to avoid direct exposure to the child’s eyes, in the corridor outside the bedroom lights, or let the natural light outside the house to adjust brightness, may be a more appropriate approach. But the children are extremely afraid of the dark room a sense of when, or in the bedroom should stay small light corner.

 More importantly, parents should pay attention to children’s writing habits of reading, watching TV and operating a computer to reduce the time, regular eye checks for children, will effectively prevent myopia.

 Parents concerned about children’s vision, also allow children to eat more dark green, red or yellow fruits and vegetables, as sources of nutrition health vision. If your child drink plenty of points, Lycium to boil the soup, also good for the eyesight protect eyes yo!

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